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LaTeX files for assignments

For the assigments as displayed in front of the office of Mieke a LaTeX-style-file exists.

The following files are required:

Note that an old version of opdracht.cls is included in the LaTeX files downloaded as part of SEslide, see seslide. (SEslide is no longer supported.)

As mentioned in the example document, the title of the assignment is determined from the corresponding subject code (vakcode). Here is an overview:

Subject code Description (english) Description (dutch)
4W099 Bachelor final project Bachelor eind project
4W201 Master team project Master team project
4W202 Master project (Individual) Master project (Individueel)
4W408 First internship (International) Eerste stage (Internationaal)
4W409 First internship Eerste stage (Intern)
4W708 Second internship (International) Tweede stage (Internationaal)
4W709 Second internship Tweede stage
4W996 Final project Afstudeerproject
4W998 Final project (International) Afstudeerproject (Internationaal)

Latex SE style files

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