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LaTeX Style file for SE Reports

When a paper has been submitted for publication to a journal, it can not yet be refered to. To overcome this problem, SE Reports have been introduced.

As soon as a paper has been submitted, we also publish it as an SE Report. For doing so, first contact Erjen Lefeber for obtaining a report number.

Then modify the latex-source of your article to include the following

\title{Insert your title here}
\author{Insert the authors here}
\reportnumber{01}                 %the number as assigned to you
\jaar{2006}                       %optional: year of publication. If not mentioned: date of compilation is used
\maand{4}                         %optional: month of publication. If not mentioned: date of compilation is used


Text for the abstract



Note that in order to compile your document you need the file sereport.cls (click the link to download the most recent version).

This stylefile assumes you have installed tuefont.sty, for which instructions can be found at this page. Furthermore, as sereports are intended for submitted papers, the \chapter-command should not be used (although it is available in the sereport.cls).

SE Reports can be printed using the standard SE cover, available via Mieke Lousberg. Two copies of each SE Report need to be given to Erjen Lefeber (one for the TU/e library, one for the Dutch Royal Library), and at least one copy needs to be given to Mieke Lousberg (for archiving).

Furthermore, send an email to Erjen Lefeber with both the abstract in plain text and the resulting pdf-file. He will make the SE Reports available via the SE Reports website

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