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C4C (Coordination for Control) is a new FP7 European project on networked embedded and control systems - control of large-scale complex distributed systems. It is expected to start 1 May 2008, with a duration of three years.

Main web site:

Project summary

Control for coordination of distributed systems is motivated by the case studies of control for underwater vehicles, for aerial vehicles, for a road control and communication network, for automated guided vehicles, and for complex machines.

The research thrust is in control design and control synthesis. In particular, in control synthesis of a global coordinator of a distributed system, in communication for control, in informatics for control, and in tools for control design. Control design for the case studies based on the research thrust will form the main effort of the project and will be disseminated to the user partners.

The contribution to the European Commission Work Program are in control of large-scale complex distributed systems (ICT-2007.3.7.©). The expected impacts are:

  1. enabling low cost monitoring for the environment and for natural resources by underwater and aerial vehicles;
  2. new services and applications for new markets, in particular for automated guided vehicles at container terminals, and for control and communication networks on motorway networks;
  3. improved performance of distributed systems.

The consortium consists of five user partners and eight academic partners.

Research in C4C at the Systems Engineering Group



PhD student

  • Konstantin Starkov


Below follow the publications that are specific for research carried out in the C4C project. For supervisory control synthesis and simulation in the Darwin project, the Compositional Interchange Format (CIF) is used, see Publications on the CIF.

International Participants

Name Acronym Country
CWI (coordinator) CWI Netherlands
Technische Universiteit Delft TUD Netherlands
Technische Universiteit Eindhoven TUE Netherlands
University of Cyprus UCY Cyprus
Universiteit Gent UGE Belgium
University of Porto UPO Portugal
Center for R & D Hellas CER Greece
University of Verona UVE Italy
PSA Hesse Noord Natie HNN Belgium
Marine Science and Technology MST Portugal
Océ OCE Netherlands
Trinité Automatisering B.V. TRI Netherlands
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