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Rijkswaterstaat Projects

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CST-RWS projects


In co-operation with Rijkswaterstaat Rijkswaterstaat, several PhD projects are being performed in the CST group.

Student projects

Below open projects and projects performed or being performed in this context are listed.

  • Open projects
  • Current projects
  • Finished projects
    • BFP1: Impact of rework on cost and duration in a lock construction project - Mommers, 2015 mommers_-_2015_-_bachelor_thesis.pdf
    • BFP2: Monolithic implementation on FESTO line - de Groot, 2016 groot_-_2016_-_bachelor_thesis.pdf
    • BFP3: Experimental physical setup of a lock - Hegeman, 2017 hegeman_-_2017_-_bachelor_thesis.pdf
    • IP1: Supervisory control synthesis of the Algera bridge-lock combination - van Willigen, 2017
    • IP2: Experimental set-up for bridge and lock supervisory control systems - Verbakel, 2018
    • MFP1: DSM-based identification of reliability and availability risks of lock Eefde - Dijkstra, 2015 dijkstra_-_2015_-_masters_thesis.pdf
    • MFP2: Monolithic supervisory control synthesis for a waterway lock - Reijnen, 2016
    • MFP3: Local buses in dependency structure matrices - Schuijbroek, 2018
    • MFP4: Supervisory control for single tube Koning Willem-Alexander tunnel - Moormann, 2018
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