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CST Student workplaces in GEM-Z 0.07


In our laboratory at GEM-Z 0.07 there is a number of workplaces with/without a desktop PC. These are mainly used by our students, working on their final assignment. The order of precedence for a workplace in the lab is as follows:

  1. Students working on their final assignment (MSc)
  2. Foreign exchange students, e.g. ERASMUS
  3. Students working on an internship (Intern)
  4. Students working on their bachelor final project (BSc)
  5. Guests

Free spots

You should ask the students in the lab, or check the list below, to see if a place is available. If we run out of places, the following rule applies: Someone in the currently lowest category must make room for the newly arrived person in the higher category. The LiFo principle also applies here! (If the two persons are in the same category, nothing happens.)

Desktop PC

For newbies in the lab it is useful to know which workstations will be (or is) free for use by a new student. If you want a new software image on the desktop PC, contact Henk van Rooy.

Local printer

Only MSc students are allowed to use the local printer. If you need access to it you must send a request to Henk van Rooy.

Desk/Locker key

The desk-number in the list below represents the number of the key you need to access the desk closest to that PC system. If you require a desk or a locker to keep your things in, you should first contact the person who had the desk before you. Otherwise, Henk van Rooy at GEM-Z 0.117 may be able to help you.

So, if you are working on an assignment and acquired a spot in GEM-Z 0.07, please edit the list below, so the information is kept up-to-date! If you are not able to enter your information, please send it to me. Include your category! I will take care of it.


To gain access to the room with your campus card you have to contact our secretary at GEM-Z 0.126. She can arrange to have your campus card work for access. Otherwise, knock and hope someone will open the door…..

Who is using what, and for how long?

System name Img Desk number User's name Cat End date Coach
sestud-01 d TK 4076 Dries de Beleir MSc mrt-2017 Pogromsky
sestud-02 d TK 3731 Merijn Veerbeek Bsc apr-2017 Van de Mortel
sestud-03 d KT 3578 free
sestud-04 d KT 3541 Marga Faber MSc sep-16 Pogromsky
sestud-05 d free
sestud-06 d TK 4995 Timo Ravensbergen MSc dec-16 Felici
sestud-07 d KT 3741 Federico Pesamosca MSc feb-17 Felici
sestud-08 d KT 3526 Jian Jin Intern nov-17 Steur
sestud-09 d KT 3550 Parth Gawarikar Intern jan-16 Reniers
sestud-10 d KT 3535 Tjeu van Hout MSc mrt-17 Lefeber
sestud-11 d KT 3543 Tim Korssen MSc feb-17 Reniers
sestud-12 d TK 5000 free
sestud-13 d KT 3120 Bart van Willigen Intern mar-17 Van de Mortel
sestud-14 d KT 3120 free
sestud-15 d KT 3106 Frank Rams MSc dec-17 Etman
sestud-16 d KT 4443 free
sestud-17 d KT 3944 Suzanne Kleindop MSc apr-17 Adan
sestud-18 d KT 3902 Rianne Gommans MSc nov-16 Reniers

d = W7 image dd 01may2013

* = system will be re-imaged shortly

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