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MN computer systems

The Manufacturing Networks Group has a number of Linux computer systems that are stacked in 19“ rack systems. Hence the name serack systems. These computers are configured as separate systems or as a cluster of systems. Separate systems are named serack-nn, clusters are named secluster-nn. (nn is a unique 2-digit identifier number.)

In a number of courses and assignments these systems are available to let you use the software tools that were developed to create and run simulations. In most cases, registration through OASE is sufficient to let you use your Windows accountname to log in. Just add the letters tue+ as a prefix to your accountname. (So, s012345 becomes tue+s012345)

Accounts that are not related to any specific course also exist (final assignment, bachelor project, etc.). They do not have the tue+ prefix, and should be applied for by your coach/supervisor.

If you are outside of the campus network you must setup a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection first. Once you are on the campus network, the preferred way to connect to the serack systems is through an SSH (Secure Shell) connection.

Some Useful tips and tricks.

The range of systems you may be able to access goes from serack-70…serack-77, and serack-80 and serack-81. You are free to choose whichever system you like, but it is prudent to take a look at this information page that shows you which systems are on line, and how busy each individual system is. You should choose a system with a light load, of course. Although the information page shows all active systems, you may not have access to all; this depends on your access rights.

Please note that students with a tue+s123456 account cannot login to serack-75..77, 80 and 81. These systems are reserved for staff members and graduate students.

You should be aware of some important path settings to our software:

  • /opt/se/bin is the path to the SE software
  • /usr/selocal/bin is the path to third party software
  • /usr/tuelocal/ is the path to various Matlab and Mathematica releases

To make access (and version selection) easier, we have created toolselect. See ToolSelect for information to install it, and select versions of software with it.

Windows Users

You will need some additional software before you can set up a connection: (Some packages are licensed, so you may not be able to download.)

  • The Cisco VPN client software (6 Mb file), if you are outside the campus network
  • The SSH Client software, for a command shell and secure file copy
  • A better editor, like UltraEdit (buyware) for editing program files
  • A version of HCL Exceed if you need the X windowing system,
  • Or, a version of XMing if you need the X windowing system.

Useful tips and tricks

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