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Toolselect does NOT work on serack-80 and serack-81 !!

If there are several versions of a program available, the toolselect program enables you to select the specific version you want, and lets you run it using an easy to remember command. You can also select versions of other software, such as matlab and uppaal with it. Also, the software understands how to detect new versions, so you always get an up-to-date list of available versions of all tools.

Below, a recipe for installing toolselect as user at our site is presented. Also, to give you an idea of what commands get installed with each toolset, Commands of each toolset below gives an overview.

If you have a new account, and your bin subdirectory is empty or non-existent, and you want to get started quickly, you can issue the setuptoolselect command. This will install the most frequently used links for you, including those you need for chi, scide, cif, etc. In this case you may even skip the Installation for dummies section.

For those of you that want to know how it exectly works, there is also a PDF manual available.

Installation for dummies

The steps below form a recipe to install toolselect at a user account using his/her $HOME/bin directory as rerouting directory. For most users this is a good solution. If you disagree, you can configure your account differently.

Commands you should enter are in 'code blocks' (boxed with dashed border and text in a fixed width font). Please do not enter them blindly, some of them may be quite destructive (in particular the rm and mv commands).

Preparation (first time only)

(make sure you have a clean bin dir)

Go to your home directory:


Try making a new bin directory

mkdir bin

If this succeeds, you are done (continue with the next section)

If it fails, you most likele already have a bin directory. Either clean it up first, or just proceed below (hoping all goes well), toolselect is quite careful not to overwrite things which are not his. If conflicts arise, you will get an error.

Setting up toolselect for the first time

Toolselect needs a directory in your path to store its links, for example ~/bin. Run

toolselect -r ~/bin

It also needs to know where to find the software versions it can install. For our systems, run

toolselect -c /usr/selocal/selocal.toolselect -c /opt/se/optse.toolselect

Selecting tool versions

To get an overview of what exists (and what you have installed), run

toolselect list

You will get a list of toolsets.

For more details, add the name of the toolset you are interested in, for example

toolselect list timed-c-simulator

You will get a list of versions installed at the system. If you have selected one of the versions, you will also get an overview of what commands it has.

Selecting a new version is done by a command like

toolselect select timed-c-simulator trunk-rev2303

This command selects version trunk-rev2303 of the tool timed-c-simulator. Do this for each toolset you want to use.

Removing a tool is done with

toolselect remove timed-c-simulator

Commands of each toolset

To give you an idea of what commands get installed with each toolset, see the table below

Toolset Installed commands Remarks
IDE scide Supervisory Synthesis IDE
viz-timing, viz-timing-gui General VizTools applications (including GUI)
viz-buffer, viz-bargraph, viz-graphs, viz-simple-msc, viz-text, viz-plot-dot Visualization applications
slow Debugging tool used in combination with visualization applications
acrobat acroread Acrobat reader
chi-to-mcrl chi2mcrl Chi to mCRL translation
chi-to-promela chi2pml Chi to Promela translation
chi2hybsim, simhyb Hybrid Chi simulator
chi2timedsim, simmodel Timed Chi simulator
chi2sfunction, matlabchi Hybrid Chi co-simulator to be used with Matlab Simulink
chi2distsim, siminit, simio, simproc Distributed Real-Time Timed Chi simulator
chi2hybsim, siminit, simio, simhybproc Distributed Real-Time Hybrid Chi simulator (experimental, supports currently the timed subset of Chi only)
chi2uppaal Translator from Timed Chi to modelchecker UPPAAL
pretty-dat Numerical solver simulation output (.dat files) prettifier
ads2cif, bdd2cif, cfg2cif, cif2ads, cif2cfg, cif2dot, cif2scim, cift2cif, mod2core, print-cif, scim2cif, sts2cif CIF translations
merge-cif, merge-hw CIF (hardware) merger applications
cifc, parse-cif CIF Compiler, CIF Parser
simcif CIF simulator and CIF real-time control
ecinf, ecview, ecset EtherCAT debugging tools
genstates Chi/CIF state space generator
chi0.8 chic Chi 0.8 compiler
chi1.0 OBSOLETE, DO NOT USE, use chi-to-mcrl (for translation to mCRL), chi-to-promela (for translation to Promela), timed-c-simulator (for discrete-event simulation), or chinetics (for hybrid tools) instead
labview labview Labview
maple linux_shlibs, xmaple, maple.system.type, TestMaple, mint, maple Maple
mathematica mcc, mathematica, Mathematica, math, MathKernel Mathematica
matlab mex, matlab Matlab
make_feasible_supervisor, make_get_size, make_product, make_dot, make_language_equivalence_test, make_nonconflicting_check, make_natural_projection, make_language_inclusion_test, make_controllability_check, make_supervisor, make_sequential_abstraction, make_abstraction Supervisor synthesis toolset
timed-c-simulator chic, prettify, startmodel Timed-chi simulator
uppaal verifyta, uppaal, socketserver, server Uppaal verifier

Since toolselect does not allow the same command to be installed from different toolsets, you cannot have combined installation of chi0.8, chi1.0, or timed-c-simulator since each of these sets uses the chic command.

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