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SCIDE releases

This section contains information about the different releases of the SCIDE application. Releases are referred to by their version number. The details about the following releases are available:

Date Release
February 11, 2010 1.0.6013
January 12, 2010 1.0.5954
December 1, 2009 1.0.5860
November 26, 2009 1.0.5847
November 26, 2009 1.0.5797
November 6, 2009 1.0.5677
November 2, 2009 1.0.5625
Oktober 15, 2009 1.0.5425
Oktober 1, 2009 1.0.5337
September 28, 2009 1.0.5302
September 21, 2009 1.0.5248
September 4, 2009 1.0.5159

The SCIDE application can be downloaded from the development site ('IDE' section).
TU/e students/employees can use SCIDE by selecting the toolset 'IDE' using toolselect (on the SE rack systems).

Page change notifications

See Page change notifications for information on how to receive an e-mail each time this page changes. That way you can always use the latest version of the tooling.


Below the details on the individual releases can be found. The most recent release is listed first.


  • General
    • This version is compatible with Chinetics rev6018 and higher.
  • SCIM
    • Logical expressions can now contain newlines. Logical expressions made in older versions of SCIDE can't be viewed in this version.


  • General
    • This version is compatible with Chinetics rev5996 and higher.
  • SCIM
    • Added support for the following Susyna tools:
      • ControllabilityCheck
      • MakeFeasibleSupervisor
      • MakeMinimization
      • MakeNaturalProjection
      • MakeSequentialAbstraction
      • NonconflictingCheck


  • General
    • This version is compatible with Chinetics rev5878 and higher.
  • SCIM
    • Added logical expressions.


  • CIFT
    • Guards are now displayed in red and updates in blue.


  • General
    • This version is compatible with Chinetics rev5817 and higher.
  • CIFT
    • Added automaton definitions and instantiations.


  • General
    • Solved keybinding conflict (CTRL+O).
  • CIFT
    • Fixed removing of AtomicAutomata inside OpenScopes and SyncOperators.


  • General
    • This version is compatible with Chinetics rev5617 and higher.
  • CIFT
    • Added support for channels.


  • General
    • This version is compatible with Chinetics rev5431 and higher.
  • SCIM
    • Added 'file format' property for 'GenAutomata'. This property indicates the file format(s) of the generated automata.
    • Important: all existing 'GenAutomata' should be replaced to update the visual representation and to obtain CIF and SCIM files.


  • General
    • This version is compatible with Chinetics rev5336 and higher.
  • CIFT
    • Extended support for the following hybrid extensions:
      • Variable declarations.
      • Invariants and TimeCanProgress predicates.
      • InitPredicates.
    • Labels of edges are now optional. No labels means that the predefined non-synchronizing CIF action 'tau' is the action for that edge.
    • It is now allowed to add AtomicAutomata not just in SyncOperators, but in Models and OpenScopes as well.


  • General
    • Removed the “Open File…” menu.
    • Disabled the “Duplicate” command because the behavior of this command isn't as expected.


  • General
    • New diagram wizards now only ask for the location of the domain model. The diagram model is generated with the same filename and path as the domain model, but with a different extension.
  • CIFT
    • Disabled the possibility to delete the visual representation (labels) of the guards and updates.


  • Initial release
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