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This page contains information about the Supervisory Control Integrated Development Environment (SCIDE).

See also the user guide page and the releases page.

The SCIDE application can be downloaded from the development site ('IDE' section). See also the installation page.
TU/e students/employees can use SCIDE by selecting the toolset 'IDE' using toolselect (on the SE rack systems).


  • Question: What is the syntax of logical expressions used in SCIM models?
  • Answer: The syntax is described in this document.
  • Question: How can I edit multiline logical expressions on the canvas?
  • Answer: You need SCIDE version 1.0.6013 or higher. Click on the logical expressions and press the <F2> key on your keyboard. You can navigate using the cursor keys. To include a newline, use <ctrl> + <enter>.
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