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 +====== SCIDE ======
 +This page contains information about the Supervisory Control Integrated Development Environment (SCIDE).
 +See also the [[:​supcon:​scide:​user_guide|user guide page]] and the [[:​supcon:​scide:​releases|releases page]].
 +The SCIDE application can be downloaded from the [[http://​​trac/​chi-tooling/​downloads|development site]] ('​IDE'​ section). See also the [[:​supcon:​scide:​installation|installation page]].\\
 +TU/e students/​employees can use SCIDE by selecting the toolset '​IDE'​ using [[:​sesystems:​toolselect|toolselect]] (on the [[:​sesystems:​start#​|SE rack systems]]).
 +===== FAQ =====
 +  * **Question**:​ What is the syntax of logical expressions used in SCIM models?
 +  * **Answer**: The syntax is described in [[http://​​trac/​chi-tooling/​browser/​trunk/​docs/​sts_logexpr.syntax.txt?​format=txt|this]] document.
 +  * **Question**:​ When I start SCIDE, I get an error dialog which includes the text "​cannot restore segment prot after reloc: Permission denied"​. What should I do?
 +  * **Answer**: You probably use Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) or CentOS. You should disable SE Linux. See also http://​​community/​forums/​content/​cannot-restore-segment-prot-after-reloc-permission-denied
 +  * **Question**:​ How can I edit multiline logical expressions on the canvas?
 +  * **Answer**: You need SCIDE version 1.0.6013 or higher. Click on the logical expressions and press the <F2> key on your keyboard. You can navigate using the cursor keys. To include a newline, use <​ctrl>​ + <​enter>​.
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