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 +====== SCIDE User Guide ======
 +There is currently no User Guide for SCIDE. However, the following wiki pages should get you going:
 +  * [[:​supcon:​pushbutton_lamp_tutorial_state_based|State-based tooling: PushButton/​Lamp tutorial]]
 +  * [[:​4k420:​exercises1|Course 4k420: Exercises week 1]]
 +  * [[:​4k420:​exercises2|Course 4k420: Exercises week 2]]
 +The latest version of the syntax of the logical expressions (state-based control requirements) in SCIDE can be found in this [[http://​​trac/​chi-tooling/​browser/​trunk/​docs/​sts_logexpr.syntax.txt?​format=txt|text document]].
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