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The Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) has the following two vacancies:

2 PhD Students on “Stepwise model refinement for the design and supervisory control of embedded systems” (V35.397 and V32.019)

This is a cooperation between one PhD student at the Systems Engineering (SE) Group, Department of Mechanical Engineering (ME), and one PhD student at the Formal Methods (FM) Group, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science (CS).

The Systems Engineering Group aims to develop quantitative methods for the analysis, design and implementation of (embedded) mechanical engineering systems exhibiting concurrent behavior, with particular focus on manufacturing machines and networks. The objectives are to generate theory, to develop techniques, to build computational tools, and to apply these in selected cases from industry.

The Formal Methods Group aims at a systematic and scientific study of issues in computer science, based on solid mathematical principles. The research area of Formal Methods develops the mathematics of computer science. We want to apply our theory in the model-based engineering of software-intensive systems, and in particular in the specification and verification of such systems.

Cooperation between the two groups focuses among others on the development of Chi, a formal language for the modeling, simulation and verification of hybrid and embedded systems. The hybrid Chi formalism integrates concepts from dynamics and control theory with concepts from computer science, in particular from process algebra and hybrid automata. It integrates ease of modeling with a sound mathematical semantics.


Project The (TRANSFORMAL) project focuses on:

  • The development of transformation, refinement and abstraction features for the Chi language.
  • The use of supervisory control theory for the synthesis of supervisory controllers from formal control requirements, resulting in controllers that are deadlock-free by construction.

Emphasis is on model based design of embedded systems at different levels of abstraction, covering the complete range from abstract simulation models for performance analysis, to models for hardware/software in the loop simulation and for real-time control. Mathematical correctness and industrial applicability will both play an important role in this development.

Work The two PhD-candidates we seek will work together on the development of refinement and abstraction techniques for model based design.

  • The work of the candidate for the FM Group will have an emphasis on the formal correctness of the developed techniques.
  • The work of the candidate for the SE Group will have an emphasis on developing and applying the techniques in close cooperation with industry, based on modeling, simulation and supervisory control of actual industrial systems.


We are looking for two candidates who meet the following requirements:

  • MSc in Mathematics, Computer Science, Electrical or Mechanical Engineering.
  • Strong affinity with dynamical/embedded systems modeling (especially SE Group PhD candidate) and theoretical computer science (especially FM Group PhD candidate).
  • Good communication and writing skills in English.

Appointment and Salary

We offer:

  • A challenging job in a dynamic and ambitious university.
  • A full-time employment for 4 years, with an intermediate evaluation after 1 year.
  • A salary of Euro 2000 per month (gross) in the first year, increasing to Euro 2558 per month (gross) in the fourth year. Moreover 8% holiday allowance is provided annually.
  • Assistance for finding accommodation can be given.
  • Support with your personal development and career planning.
  • Attractive secondary labour conditions (including excellent work facilities, child care, excellent sport facilities).



If you are interested in this PhD position, please send an email containing a detailed curriculum vitae, an explanation of your interest in the proposed research topic, a publication list, your course programme and corresponding grades, references and all other information that might be relevant to your application. Please mention TRANSFORMAL and the vacancy number V35.397 and/or V32.019 in the subject. The email addresses for applications (and for additional information) are ( D.A. van Beek, System Engineering), and ( P.J.L. Cuijpers, Formal Methods).

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