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A Python script for drawing Gantt charts with Gnuplot


Shameless copy-paste of the readme 8-) is simple Python script that translates simulation output into GNUplot commands that draw a Gantt chart. Requires Python 2.4 or newer.


In the simulation output, each tab-separated line represents the execution of a task on a resource:

resource start-time end-time task

USAGE translates these lines into a set of GNUplot commands, when called like this:

python -o foo.gpl foo.txt

The resulting foo.gpl can be processed by GNUplot as follows:

set terminal postscript eps color solid

set output “foo.eps”

load “foo.gpl”

unset output

GNUplot version 4.2 or newer is required.

COLORS uses a default color set, but the --color option also allows to specify your own colors. Furthermore, palette.dat files can be used in GNUplot to change the default palette.


See the examples how to generate appropriate input, and create figures with multiple plots.


Your mileage may vary.




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